Women are the biggest segment in the travel market with huge untapped potentials. Women travel differently than men, have special needs and preferences. IFor example, women tend to look for opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge, they seek spiritual experience, prefer “alternative” tours and activities. t is important for businesses to understand and serve them better.

At Solocal, we work with local businesses and service providers to offer the best local services, activities and events to our users.

Why work with us?

  • Reach and engage with women who are explorers in life, and add value to their journey.

  • Offer your last minute vacancies to our users.

  • Gain more understanding of the female travel market segment.

  • Strengthen your brand image.

Who we are looking for:

Local, national and global brands and businesses who provide female friendly services, include but not limit to: tours, restaurants, cafes, bars, events, meetups, activities, health and beauty services.

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