Thanks for joining the Beta journey

We’d like to thank everyone who helped us through the Beta test since last November. We almost lost counts of the number of rounds: our Beta version was at No.61 when we made some conclusions and proceed with building the version for launch.


Cannot say thank you enough to the 117 users from UK and Portugal who tested the app at different stages: thank you for your patience with our clumsiness and sharing your honest views and suggestions with us. We have listened carefully and now working on transforming the app to serve women travellers better.

Travelling is about freedom. our focus will be on bringing even more freedom to women’s travel. We hope to launch our app in September in London. Please stay patient with us till then.

P.S. Our community manager, the amazing Beth Thomas will go onto her own solo adventure. She will leave the U.K. for Australia in August. We wish her all the best and look forward to hearing all her stories. Huge thanks to Beth for all her help.