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Travel tales, advice & tips from Amy Baker: Author of Miss-Adventures

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Travel tales, advice and tips from Amy Baker: Author of Miss-Adventures and Co-Founder of The Riff Raff

Please note this event is FEMALE ONLY!

Many of us have dreamt of quitting a full-time job to go travelling. Amy Baker did exactly that and escaped to South America with her backpack. Before her departure, many had given her "life advice", yet Amy decided to ignore it all. Her adventures are told in her book: Miss-Adventures: A tale of ignoring Life Advice While Backpacking Around South America. Nowadays, Amy travels, writes and advocates for female travellers and writers. She's co-founded The Riff Raff, a writer's community that run events, a podcast and offers mentoring and manuscript advice to inform, educate and motivate aspiring writers by pairing them with published authors. Amy is working on her next book and a science fiction TV comedy. 

We will spend this special evening with Amy who will talk us through her backpacking experience: share the funny and scary stories, give female traveller tips and some (more helpful) advice.

- If you are new to solo travel or just thinking about it, come along and we may scare you off or more likely get you all geared up to take your first trip.
- If you are an experienced solo traveller, come to hear and share stories, get inspirations and make new friends.
- If you a blogger or thinking about turning your own tales into a book, come to talk to Amy who is more than happy to share her experience. 
- If South America is on your bucket list, come to ask questions and gain some tips from Amy and others.

Or simply come for some fun stories and meeting some wonderful people!

Schedule for the evening:

  • 6:30 Arrivals - get your drinks at the bar and chat with fellow travellers
    7:00 Intro from hosts and welcome Amy
    7:10 Fireside chat with Amy (a casual interview)
    7:50 Amy's reading from the book and open chat with everyone & F&Q
    8:30 Social drinks and chats

We organise these meetups to get female travellers together to empower and connect with each other. The small charge is only to confirm your attendance which includes Eventbrite charges, not for profit. If you would like to come but could not make the payment, please contact the organiser. 

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International Women's Day Special Talk: Achieve the Impossible


For the adventurers: this is a part of the #WonderWomen event from Imperial College London to celebrate International Women' Day, and we have reserved a few tickets for our members.

On the night, please arrive 10 minutes before the event to secure your seat.

I will be at Imperial but in a separate event, I encourage you ladies to use the discussion below to organise to meet up for some drinks or see other events for the evening at Imperial.

Details of the talk:

What does it feel like to be at the top of Mount Everest? How can you achieve the impossible?

Melanie Windridge is a physicist, speaker, writer… with a taste for adventure.

She has travelled the world, worked in fashion, gained a doctorate in fusion energy, made inventions for technology companies, appeared on TV, climbed mountains and written books. She works for Tokamak Energy, a fusion start-up working towards commercial fusion power. She has skied out across Arctic Svalbard to see the northern lights. She has climbed Everest to highlight the science that makes it safer.

Following Melanie’s journey from childhood to the present day, we find out how Melanie has built a career around her two passions of science and adventure, and how she has come to recognise that the common theme in the elements of her career is the notion of achieving the “impossible”.

Join our meetup group to register and meet other travel ladies going to the same event:

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IWD Special: How travel has transformed your life: stories from solo female travellers

IWD event poster#.png

Hi ladies,

We are really excited to present this special event for women travellers to celebrate International Women’s Day in cooperation with Girls on Travel Meetup Group.

This will be a fun and entertaining event with a panel of adventurous solo female travellers (names will be announced soon).

During the evening, they will share their travel stories and how solo travelling has helped them grow. Stories will be fun, scary or adventurous but one thing is sure, solo travel won’t have any secrets for you anymore. You will also have a chance to ask questions or share your own stories at the end of the talk. So whether you are already a solo traveller and want to connect with other ones, or whether you are considering your first solo trip and have burning questions this is the right place.

Your 2 travel experts hosts will be happy to answer any questions you might have related to solo travel as well.

The Portobello Star is a cosy and intimate place, we will have the whole upstairs which makes it the perfect location for a great evening. Oh and did we mention the 2-4-1 cocktails until 9pm? They are delicious!

So come and join as a solo or with your friends to support our amazing panel and hear incredible stories.

We are looking forward to seeing you there to celebrate International Women's Week together!

Space is limited, to guarantee your space, please get your ticket via:


Your hosts:

Gaëlle is the Founder of Girls on Travel , connecting and empowering solo women travellers with incredible trips. She believes bringing women together is really empowering and even truer in a travel environment. Holidays create a real sense of companionship and enable you to create amazing friendships. She considers herself as a travel addict and gets excited at the thought of planning the next trip and discovering new incredible places.

Joly is the Founder of Solocal Travel. She's an experienced solo female traveller and believes in the power of solo travelling. Her vision is to empower women around the world to gain personal freedom via travelling.

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Monthly London social: plan your 2019 solo trip!


Dear ladies,

Hope you all had a good break and a wonderful start of the year. I am just back from a trip to Cuba - such interesting country if you’ve not been, highly recommended!

The Solo Female Traveller’s social is back! Let’s get together for a cosy chatty evening. This time the theme is - your dream trip in 2019. We will talk about where you want to go, what inspired you, and hopefully someone from the group would have been there to give advice/tips or you find someone who may share the planning.

If you have not yet travelled solo, feel free to join. We have inspired a few to start their first trip.

Find us at the sofa area at CitizenM Hotel Bankside's lounge.

Feel free to come with your friends - but pls note this is women’s only event.

See you then!

If you are a passionate traveller based in London, don’t forget to join our meetup group:

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