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Get tan, not wrinkles this summer
sun tan

Mid-summer is here, and we are having a very sunny (and hot!) one in the UK. This week, London is actually hotter than Lisbon! In the past, when I see a tanned friend, she/he often just returned from a holiday. Now, everyone’s getting tanned by just sitting in the backyard.

While taking sun has many health benefits both physically and mentally, sun bathing wrongly will lead to potential health hazard and permanent skin damage. I was shocked to find that sun is the No. 1 cause of wrinkles. In a BBC Documentary “Looking Good” from “The Truth About…” Series, it was revealed that about 75% of our wrinkles are due to sun exposure (view the clip here)!

But I do love the golden-brown glow, and don’t want to stay indoors or wearing long sleeve clothes to hide from the sun. So how can we get tanned, not wrinkles? After some research, here’s the answer:

Add “good fat” to daily diet

Our skin reflects our general health, so to take care of it, we need to start from the inside. We have all heard that vegetables and fruits are good for us, but few know that “good fat” is essential to our body and skin’s health. Add to your diet omega-3 fat rich food such as avocado, nuts, fatty fish. But don’t overdo it – all fat contains the same amount of calories, so too much of it will still contribute to weight gain.

Drink water

Drink plenty of water, even if you do not feel thirsty to keep your body and skin hydrated. On a hot and sunny day, avoid coffee and alcohol during the day as they will accelerate the dehydration process.

Apply sun protection, always!

Go go for the ones block both UVB and UVA with minimal medium protection (SPF 25+). It does not stop you getting the golden-brown tan but helps protecting your skin getting damaged. Many scientists recommend wearing sun cream all year around even when it is cloudy, due to UV rays do not get blocked by clouds.

Wear sunglasses and hat

Skin around our eyes are the most thin and sensitive – they damage and develop lines easily. Always wear sunglass with UV filter. Wearing a hat not only help to protect our face, but also scalp (an overlooked area, which grey hair can be caused by sun exposure

Moisturize skin

After exposing to the sun, take a cold shower and apply aloe vera to further help your skin to hydrate and cool down. Every morning and evening, apply moisturizer to face and. A moisturizer with AHA or hyaluronic acid can plump up dry screen, and continued use may help stimulate the production of new collagen.

Prevention is better than treatment. Wish we all a fabulous summer!