A Traveller's New Year Resolution for 2018

New year is the most popular time around the globe for people to set up new goals for the upcoming year. In the past years, I've set numerous resolutions (for a couple of years I even spent a couple of days to draw a whole plan out), felt motivated for a couple of weeks, and then at the year end, let the guilt hit me and set up new ones!

This year, I am going to try something new. Rather than having goals, I will set out seven "principles" that can be applied in daily life as resolutions. Here they are:

No. 1 Spend more time with myself

spend time with self
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Not just any time, but quality time. Like taking 'her' out for a date, listening to 'her' thoughts, giving 'her' full attention. The self needs caring for me as much as the loved ones.

No. 2 Be on the road

Be on the road, 
body and soul
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Be on the road, body, mind and soul. Travelling is not just about physically going somewhere, but about living every day life as a journey. 

No. 3 Step out of my comfort zone

Expand comfort zone.png
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Try more, push further; take more risks, follow my heart. It is scary. But let's feel the fear and do it anyway, because "life starts at the end of comfort zone". 

No. 4 Say yes more

Say yes to opportunties
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Life presents us with opportunities. Be less worrying, have faith and say yes!

No.5 Be kind, to myself and others

Be kind
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People we meet is a gift, an opportunity for us to get a new friend, to learn something, to get new perspectives. 

No. 6 Be thankful, to the known and unknown

Be thankful to the known and unknown
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The secret to happiness: be grateful, to what we have and what yet to come. 

No.7 and final: Do the best

It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty..png
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It is not about being the best, but about try the best. Whatever we do, do the best; and wherever we are, be there 100%.

What do you think about these resolutions and what's yours for 2018? 

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