6 Travel Films that Ignite the Wanderlust in Women


When it comes to adventure and exploring the world, men often dominate the big silver screen. If there are women characters in those films, it is often about romance, which gives a wrong perception of all women who travel are mainly in the search of love. This is so far from the truth.

In reality, women travel just as much (even more), and are actually more adventurous. And we travel because we want to explore the world and our selves. Though few, there are some great movies with female lead (other than Eat Pray Love), which inspire women to step into the unknown.

Tracks (2013)

IMDB rating 7.2
Country travelled: Australia


This film is based on the real story of Robyn Davidson, which follows her nine-month 1,700-mile journey ls across the Australian desert with four camels and a faithful dog in the mid-seventies. On the screen, you will witness the determination of the young woman to find purpose in her life, see her struggles - both physically and mentally, and how she grows stronger along the way.

Wild (2014)

IMDB rating 7.1
Country travelled: U.S.A.


Wild is the chronicle of Cheryl’s one thousand one hundred mile solo hike through the most difficult trails in the U.S: the Pacific Crest Trail. To recover from a recent personal tragedy, Cheryl set out on the journey into the wild, which transforms her life. It is a beautiful film both in terms of the scenery and the personal growth journey.

How Much Further/Que tan lejos (2006)

iMDB rating 7.1
Country travelled: Ecuador

How much further.jpg

Esperanza from Barcelona and Tristeza both need to get to Cuenca, and they met on a bus which was delayed due to strike. They then decided to hitchhike to Cuenca. Through their experiences along the way, you will see Ecuador from both visitors’ and locals’ eyes. It is a sweet and fun film with traveller’s spirit at its core.

Queen (2013)

IMDB rating 8.2
Country travelled: India, France, the Netherlands


The Queen’s plot revolves around Rani, a bride-to-be, who gets dumped one day before her wedding day. Rather than sobbing at home for her fate, she decides to go onto the honeymoon by herself. This light-hearted comedy follows the girl’s self-empowerment journey. Like in this film, seemingly bad things can just be the start of something wonderful, it is up to us to decide where to take it.

Whale Rider (2002)

IMDB rating 7.6
Country covered: New Zealand


Okay, this is not really a travel film, but we still decided to keep it on this list. Firstly, it showcases the authentic culture and tradition of the Maori tribe in New Zealand. Secondly, it is a story about a 12-year old girl’s growth – the fighting spirit, the love, the belief, the magic, all will make you want to wander into the unknow world.

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

IMDB rating 6.8
Country travelled: Italy


The story is a bit “chic”: a woman from San Francisco goes to Tuscany to escape from her failed marriage, and buys ad renovates a crumbling villa, during which she gains the courage to find love again. It is a sweet story about pain and recovery. We have it on the list because we just love the breath-taking beauty of Tuscany. If you have not been yet, this film will definitely put it on top of your bucket list.

Watched any on our list? What do you think? Do you know any other films that inspired you to travel? Share them out!