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Launch fast, launch ugly. Easy said than done!

Coming from a corporate background, how many of us are afraid of pushing it out there without knowing it is all thoroughly planned and 'perfect'? I know I am one of those.

Well, I still managed to launch the pilot of 7-day Challenge a week ago. And a short few days have provided me many learnings.

Choose who you want to be around you.

I only was able to pass my fear and launch the project with the tribe's support. I am truly thankful to all the people who has supported me, brought me constant encouragements, voluntarily joined the trial programme, and provided me valuable feedback. With this group of people, I know I am safe to experiment, and free from any judgements. 

No market research can beat real-time feedback

From a marketing research background, I was used to draw up questionnaire, and schedule interviews to get 'customer insights'. But the White Tee project and the past week helped me understand the best marketing research I can ever do is launching the project with target audience. I am now updating the website everyday, changing how the tribe's ran, and getting lots of great content all from the people who're on the trial. Now I do have the confidence that together we will build an amazing product when it goes out. 

It's about collaboration, not competition

Since I entered the startup world, I've felt peace. In the corporate world, I've spent a lot of time analysing competitors, finding competitive advantage, and working on strategies so my product could win some market share over other brands - always in war. The world I am in now is a world in which opportunities come with collaboration, not competition. Firstly, we are not interested in making tons of money, but creating real values. The more people are in the space, the more people get helped. Secondly, the market is getting more and more fragmented to fit individual's needs. This means there is a piece for every business. Moreover, we understand by working together, we share our strength and resources to create something even better. It is a world that we say yes, not no. It is a world of the future.

It has been the most productive week for me. And I look for a new week's challenge to start. 

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