Everyday is a gift.


In a psychology course that I took, the professor said there are more positive moments in our life than negative one, but humans are designed to capture and react more to the negative ones as a self-protective mechanism to survive. The past week has been a test on this: we've spent a week on noticing the things we are thankful for at the end of every day.

Never take it for granted

Looking at the seven lists from last week, there are many things that in every day which I never acknowledged before: my sweet boy Vico always comes to wake me up in the morning, my husband always puts my need first and chooses to support me whatever my choice is, my parents being the rock in my life… And I started to pay notice to the things that I use in my daily life: dishwasher which saved me so much time (most families in China don't have one), the cats' toys which kept them happy indoors, the gadgets that I have at home which fit my every need and kept me connected… And the daily sceneries: the beautiful autumn colour in the street, the flowers in my garden, birds jumping and hunting… These things happen to me every day and matter to me greatly, but because it is everyday, I stopped to pay notice to them.

Look for the positive

I fell under the weather in the first couple of days, severe headache and lots of sleep. I struggled to get out of bed to write the list on the first day, and started by thinking what an awful day I had. Then my mind got brightened up by every entry that I made: my husband took care of me, nice hot drinks to warm me up, a sweet message from a dear friend, supports from the ones who joined the trial programme, my cats' purring beside me when I was dozing off… And when the cold's gone, I felt ever grateful for having a healthy body and decided to start taking care of my body.
My meeting got cancelled last minute on Thursday, but instead, I got to spend a day at home with my husband and avoid the 2 hours commute.
It rained on Saturday which made us stay indoors and got the house clean and watched a film together.
Life is not always as we expected, instead of spending time on complaining, I start to put my energy on what each of these situation bring me.

Be aware of every action

The number of things to be grateful for goes up whenever I went out and got in touch with the world. Many times this week, small actions from people around me, even strangers, have given me great joy. A 'miss you' message from an old friend, an interesting chat with a couple that shared the table, offering of an tissue for my running nose from the station manager, strangers' smiles and greetings during a long walk… These things are small, and the person who did it probably hardly gave it a thought, but they are the things that brighten my daily life. What about my own actions, have I brought more positivities to the world?

I've kept those lists, and will go back to them from time to time. When I open my eyes in the morning, I know today's a brand new day, it is an unique gift which I can choose how to use. For the scenes that I pass, people that I meet, activities that are around, will never be the same. Here's a great video has given me so much inspiration and I just watched it again...

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