I am thankful, for the difficulties

It has been a hectic three days since we received the brief to put up a 2-day pop-up shop in 48 hours. Now we have opened the store, and completed day 1. 

No doubt that it has been difficult. But when I sit down after the day and think back...

I am thankful, especially to the most difficult part. 

I am thankful to the tight timeline, to the creative challenge, to the tight budget, to working with people from all different backgrounds, to the some times heated discussions within the team.  I've been working in retail marketing for the past 5 years. The past few days on the retail project have given me some learnings I had never got from my corporate world. It helped me get real - learning how to do business from ground up without having a big brand, a big team, a big budget. I've learnt how to most effectively manage a project, how to prioritise and dedicate tasks, how to communicate and negotiate.

I'm better than I thought. 

Difficulties help us realise our potentials. There are things I have done during the days which I did not know I could! I've always doubted myself, whether I have the capability, whether I have got the resource, whether I have considered everything (and the list continues...). Hallelujah, the news is I am better than I thought. Just roll up the sleeves and get heads done, it's amazing what we can achieve.

Most importantly, I've learnt how to trust and respect others,

Yes I am better than I thought, but I am not good at many things. Only with a team, we have made it possible. When there's a shared passion, we trust each other to give 100% and rely on each other's skills. When there are differences, we respect and appreciate each other's thoughts, styles, and strengths. 

...and how to simply enjoy working.

It has not been easy for me to say this. I have always entered every competition wanting to be a winner. Winning would be fantastic, but I think I have already got the most precious experience despite the result. The project is a journey, we are going forward by taking every step, what's the point of just running for the end line without taking in what each step has brought me.

Just a big thank you to everyone who's on the project. 

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