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Our Facebook group is a great place for our community of female travellers to share stories. One thing I see time and again though is requests for advice on packing and what to take on a trip. So we’ve picked out some of the best ones, which not only save you space but more importantly make your journey a little less hard work!

Get some sleep on the plane: Trtl Pillow

Trtl Pillow

6-hour flight in a tiny economy seat, not much fun. You try your best to get some sleep but just can’t seem to find a comfortable position. Sound familiar? This product saves the day: it gives you much needed extra neck support, so you can catch some sleep. We love it, firstly as it does the job and you can adjust it – while many traditional pillows are just hopeless, especially the ones the airline gives out. It’s super comfy, the fleece is soft and warm and more breathable than traditional neck pillows. And, most importantly it’s compact, so you don’t need to worry about it taking all the space in your suitcase for the rest of your trip!

Never run out of power: solar power bank

solar power bank

Power bank’s innovative solution to avoid running out of power, especially good if you’re going somewhere sunny! Using the power of the sun this eco-friendly, go-anywhere power pack is small and light enough to carry around every day. For the outdoor lovers, this can really make the difference.

Go sand-free – sand-proof beach towel

sand-free towel

We love the sun, the breeze, the sea and like nothing more than lying on the beach. But, most of us don’t enjoy sand sticking to our body and rubbing around. It gets everywhere, back to our room, in our bed, sometimes even our food! To me, this product is the best invention ever! Sand actually goes through it! And that’s not all, it’s much smaller than a traditional beach towel, it absorbs more water, and it dries quicker. The king of towels it’s a super towel to own and pack for any beach lover short on suitcase space.

Capture every moment – action camera

action cam

Not just for the active and sporty traveller, but every traveller. Nowadays, these kinds of cameras are affordable and you can fit one almost anywhere. Take underwater videos, film a boat ride or take a wide-angle selfie. Every moment of your trip can be captured.

Handy for every trip: portable backpack


We do believe you should carry one with you on every trip, even just in case you need some extra space. When you fold it, it’s as small as your palm, which taking up almost no space and weigh virtually nothing. When expanded, it is a proper backpack, and also waterproof. This is my guilty secret as I always pack this in case I do a little extra shopping on my trip!

Girl’s best friend –urinating device

urinating device

We’ve talked about this in our earlier post. It sounds a bit strange – taking a wee wee standing up as a girl. But it is super helpful when you are on a camping trip, road trip or travelling to places which may not have the best facilities. It keeps you clean and safe – so you do not need to wander far away from the main route, or pull your pants down.

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