There’s nothing quite like your first taste of freedom travelling alone. It’s more than the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the unlimited choices in front of you, it’s the knowledge that the world is your oyster and no one is going to hold you back. It's more than just a journey to new and unexplored destinations, it's also a voyage within, discovering who we really are as women.

Just pack your bags and go solo!


We travel alone because we CAN and we CHOOSE to. Travelling is a personal experience, and we help you make the best out of it: meet and explore with a new friend, or discover new things by yourself - your choice and we make it easier.

middle road

Our mission is simple yet important: empowering women to gain more personal freedom via travelling. We do this by making the journey easier, safer and more enjoyable.  


The people we meet on our travels are the highlight. We use the power of the internet to make real life connections and experience new destinations from a different perspective.

Our Team


Joly Zou

(CEO - Customer Maniac)

Joly is a passionate world traveller. She is a purpose-driven individual who embraces challenges. She makes sure whatever we build is relevant and helpful to the female travel community.


Andrii Morozevych

(CTO - Tech Wizard)

Andrii has the passion and the brain for bringing things to life. He's the guy who actually makes it happen, and keeps making it better!


Ben Dickens

(CCO - Creator of Opportunities)

Ben makes sure we constantly provide the best services to our community and we're on track as a business! Being a father of a small girl, he's passionate to create a better future for her.

Beth Thomas

Bethan Thomas

(Community Manager)

Beth takes every chance she has to explore the world. She helps our community to grow and stay highly engaged, make sure we stay close to who we represent, and create the most relevant solutions.